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Waterboyz -
Born and bred in Western Australia my parents ensured I (Brodie de Ridder) had a fishing rod in one hand and a board under my arm before I could even walk. As a young grom I had a passion in making backyard surf vids, I loved capturing the stoke we all got from being out in the water and making it into short videos. 
It slowly grew from there and we started to get better footage of fishing and spearing capturing the best moments on camera. Now days it doesn't take much convincing to get my wife (Nicky de Ridder)out on our big blue playground, she too shares the addiction of the ocean life.
We have a group of mates that froth just as hard on fishing surfing and spearing as we do and are usually planning the next mission even before we get in from the current one.  
Our goal is to continue to capture good footage of all our ocean adventures and pump out vids to get you frothing for your next day on the water.
Remember to fish, surf and spear hard but responsibly. Respect and care for our ocean and fish for the future because only kooks take more then they need. 
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